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this be me playing a girly 1d game holla

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❝ I can love you more than this

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"If you want to do something, go for it. You've got nothing to  lose."
Happy 21st birthday, Louis William Tomlinson <3
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After procrastinating for days, I finally decided to make my Christmas/New Years follow forever today. The people that I’ve added on here have always been my favorite blogs. They always make my dash 100x more amazing and I just wanted to tell them that I love them. :D I hope you guys all have an amazing Christmas and get everything you guys asked for. btw I’m sorry for the ugly edit I made it really fast. Also some of the names below might not being in the right order because I’m way too lazy to check.

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Growing up is mandatory,

Growing old is optional.

Happy 21st Birthday angel,

you’ll always be young at heart.

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happy 21st birthday louis tomlinson - all children, except one, grow up.” 

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